What are the most difficult Pokemon cards to get

The hardest Pokémon cards to get are Pikachu Illustrator[1],Holographic Charizard[2][3], the Blastoise Wizards of the Coast[3], and the Celebrity cards[1].These cards are considered the rarest and most expensive in the game, and their value increased significantly in recent years.[2][3]. In addition, there are other cards such as the Prerelease Raichu, the Venusaur Prerelease, the Charizard Prerelease, and the Base Set Shadowless Charizard card that are also difficult to obtain[5].

What are the most difficult Pokemon cards to get
What are the most difficult Pokemon cards to get

Value of Pokemon cards

The value of Pokémon cards depends on several factors, such as edition, status, and rarity. The most valuable cards are those that are rare and difficult to obtain[3].For example, some first-generation cards can be worth between $450 and $3,200[3].The most common cards tend to have a much lower price, such as € 0.80 for a Jirachi Radiant card (SIT 120)[2][4]. To know the exact price of a specific card, it is recommended to consult websites specialized in selling cards such as Pricecharting.com[1], Amazon.com[2] or Cardmarket.com[4], as well as read pricing guides to identify the most valuable Pokémon cards.[3][5].

Value of Pokémon cards in Mexico

Prices for Pokémon cards in Mexico vary depending on the type and edition. At MercadoLibre, prices range from 494 pesos with 56 cents to 473 pesos with 71 cents

[1]. In Shopee, prices range from 164 pesos with 85 cents to 157 pesos with 23 cents[2]. On eBay, prices range from 748.75 pesos to 677.98 pesos[3]. On Amazon, a collectible TCG Pokémon card costs 13.10 US dollars[4]. Finally, on PriceCharting, Pokémon Evolutions cards cost between 0.50 and 1.00 US dollars[5].

Where to buy Pokémon cards in Mexico

Pokémon card buyers in Mexico can find a variety of options for purchasing Pokémon cards. MercadoLibre Mexico offers a selection of GX, Pikachu GX and Spanish cards[1].eBay also offers a wide selection of TCG cards[2]. Amazon Mexico also offers a variety of Sword & Shield packages – Silver Tempest Booster[3]

. Shopee Mexico also offers Pokémon cards at competitive prices[4]. Finally, shoppers can visit the Centro Poke Coapa physical store in Plaza Pabellon Esmeralda to purchase original Pokemon products[5].

Pokemon Card Prices in Mexico

Prices for Pokémon cards vary depending on the type and edition. In Mexico, the prices of common cards range from 494 pesos with 56 centavos[1] to 473 pesos with 71 centavos[1], while the prices of rare cards can reach up to 677.98 pesos[3].Promotional cards are also available online through Shopee Mexico[2]and Amazon Mexico[4], with prices ranging from US$13.10 to US$14.90[4].In addition, the Pricecharting website offers a comprehensive list of current prices for all Pokémon Evolutions[5] cards.

Where to sell Pokémon cards in Mexico

There are several options for selling Pokémon cards in Mexico. One option is to sell them online through sites like eBay.[1][2][3], MercadoLibre[4],or Facebook groups[2]. Another option is to sell them in person, searching locally[1]or visiting stores like Dave & Adam’s[2].To sell your Pokémon cards, you must first create an account and list your cards with a description and price[2].You can also sell the full set, individual cards, or in packs of 10[5].

Where to buy Pokémon cards online

Pokémon cards can be purchased online through various platforms, including eBay[1], Amazon[3], Pokemon.com[2],and Kantocards.com[4].These platforms offer a variety of collectible cards, from individual cards to closed products and codes for online gambling. Antique and vintage cards can also be found through Facebook Marketplace[5].

Most valuable Pokémon cards

The most expensive and rarest Pokémon cards include a $360,000 Blastoise[1], a Holographic Charizard known as “Shiny Charizard”[1], a letter signed by the president of The Pokémon Company[1],and the Pikachu Illustrator card that set the Guinness World Record for most expensive Pokémon cards in July 2021[1]. Other valuable cards include Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy Promo, Gold-starred Espeon and Umbreon, holographic Daisuki Club Master Scroll, and cards received by 2010 World Championship contestants.[2][3][4][5]. The basic collection of 1999 also contains some valuable cards[5].