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How to Download All Nintendo Power Ever Issues

Nintendo Power is an iconic part of Nintendo’s history and the history of gaming in general.

This 24-year-old, 285-run problem spanned several generations of gamers and helped us finish tough games on systems from OG NES to Wii U. Many of us have fond memories of flipping through it but not having the foresight to save them (or hide them from our ordained parents before we go to college). But that’s okay, because in another memory there is no better cure for nostalgia than the Internet, any problem is now available for download.

Download Nintendo Power Ever
Download Nintendo Power Ever

As reported by Nintendo Life , a group of archivists have been working on a project called “Retromags,” an attempt to upload retro magazines to the internet for fans to read and remember. Nintendo’s Power is the last magazine archivists searched for and finished loading. Now you can download each and every one of these 285 numbers to your computer to enjoy them in peace.

Everything is on the net

One user, Gumball, even added the entire collection to They point out that there is no website or place on the internet where you can download and view all the Nintendo Power numbers, but they were scattered and forced you to jump from one website to another to find the problems you were looking for. But this step changes things: now you can easily store the entire 40GB collection on your computer – either number by number or all in one big pile. What a time to be alive.

These numbers are stored as cbr (comic reader) files that cannot be read with a standard image viewer. You’ll need to download a comic book reader to open them. You can try something like Simple Comic on Mac or iPhone or CDisplayEX on Windows or Android.

Download Nintendo Power Ever
Download Nintendo Power Ever

Always with care and patience

But be careful: discharges are temperamental. I had a lot of failures halfway through that forced me to start over. I’m not sure if it’s because so many people try to download these files at once, but it’s something you should consider if you tend to get unusual. Irritated if you feel a little uncomfortable while using free resources.

Another consideration: we don’t know how long this collection will take. Stay online. Nintendo is famous for having its legal team do everything it doesn’t like, from fan versions of its games to YouTube videos, including its original soundtracks. It is possible that the company will leave this project alone, but just in case, try to grab them as soon as possible.

By the way, Nintendo Power isn’t really dead. Well, the magazine is. B But the name lives on as an official Nintendo podcast . There have been 54 episodes since its release in 2017, so listen to it if you miss the officer. nintendo seal of approval taste in your media diet.