AM-DeadLink dead links

AM-DeadLink freeware for detecting dead links and redirects.

AM-DeadLink can check URLs for inactive links and redirects from the following sources:

  • Text
  • Tab-delimited files
  • CSV files
  • HTML files
  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox
  • Brave, Vivaldi, Oper, IE

Supported operating systems:   

Windows 11/10/8/7

License: Freeware


AM DeadLink Guide


AM-DeadLink provides an easy way to check multiple sources for dead links or redirects.

AM-DeadLink automatically detects browser bookmarks and related browsers, so no configuration is required to check browser bookmarks. by dead links.

To check for dead links

Select font

Select the source from the drop-down box (for example, Google Chrome).


Click the check mark button and wait for the verification run to complete.


Click the Sort button to move the broken pages to the top of the list (pages with errors are red and bold).

How to remove bookmarks from your browser

Open Bookmarks

Open a bookmark by double-clicking your browser.

This will also copy the URL to the clipboard.

Review page

Check your browser that the page is no longer available


One. Open the Bookmark Manager in your browser

b. Paste the URL into the search box

C. Edit or delete bookmarks

Depending on the selected source, double-clicking on a bookmark opens the URL in the corresponding browser window. This means that Chrome bookmarks will automatically open in Chrome, Edge bookmarks will automatically open in Edge, etc.

Why bookmarks cannot be deleted directly in AM-DeadLink

Browser bookmarks should only be removed within the browser interface, not by external tools. Modifying bookmark databases outside the browser causes conflicts with multiple functions and also leads to side effects when syncing bookmarks between devices.

Command line

AM-DeadLink supports command-line parameters for checking HTML files. These command-line parameters can be used if you want to start AM-DeadLink from an HTML editor to validate the links.


deadlink.exe /file=”… ” /check


/file=”… “

Absolute path of the HTML file in quotation marks, for example: /file=”c:\homepage\index.htm”  


Starts the check automatically.  


When the scan is complete, AM-DeadLink displays a message box with options to resume or exit the program.  


deadlink.exe /file=”c:\homepage\index.htm” /check /salir